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The benefits of open relationships

The benefits of open relationships
Open relationships are relationships where one or both partners engage consensually in relationships and sex with other people. These kinds of relationships allow a couple to be sexually open and promiscuous without cheating or causing undue strife to their relationship. Generally in these situations the open relationship itself will constitute the primary relationship with others forming casual relationships or simply flings. Open relationships can have a number of benefits over a “normal” relationship and we decided to explore these with a view to understanding whether an open relationship can be right for you.
With that in mind we decided to start with the considerations rather than the benefits. The following points will largely determine the suitability of an open relationship for you so are worth considering.
1. Would you be happy sharing your sexual partner?
2. Do you get jealous?
3. Are you comfortable engaging in casual sex?
4. Do you have trust issues?
5. Would you be comfortable not knowing where your partner is or who they are with?
6. Are you likely to feel insecure or inadequate compared to other sexual partners your partner may sleep with?
7. How do you see your current relationship and where do you see its future?
Your answers to these questions will give you a good indication of whether you would still be able to enjoy an open relationship with your partner. If you are jealous, have trust issues, would feel inadequate or you wouldn’t really like your partner “sleeping around” then you might want to consider not starting or accepting an open relationship. If you see the relationship having a long term future then you will need to understand how having an open relationship might affect that future. Bearing these things in mind we now turn to look at the benefits an open relationship can have.
The obvious benefit is sexual freedom. Being able to sleep with anyone you like without having to b cheating or feel guilty can be a liberating experience. The key benefit is that you can and will still be in a loving and committed relationship but you don’t have to be sexually faithful. Many people struggle with sexual fidelity and this can make a relationship much easier for them and take away a lot of the pain and emotional turmoil cheating can usually cause. If you are the kind of person who cheats or has difficulty staying faithful to one partner then you might consider seeking an open relationship in order to have a successful relationship.
Likewise, if you are relatively sexually inexperienced and would like to “play the field” as it were whilst still maintaining a committed relationship then an open relationship can be beneficial as it allows you the breathing room to experiment without jeopardising your actual relationship.
Finally, open relationships can overcome many of the problems couples face – jealousy, sexual problems, intimacy problems, cheating and dare we say it boredom and stagnation. Whilst open relationship can’t and won’t be like this most of the time they have a potential to create a healthier relationship amongst couples who can accept the openness part to their relationship by allowing them freedom to have fun whilst still understanding that they love their partner and will continue to be with them.

Dating Online

Dating online
Dating Online

Whether you have just started using online dating sites, or have had a profile for years there are some helpful tips that can improve on your profile. With just the right wording and picture you can get the date of your dreams. Setting up your profile can be a complicated process. On the internet there are so many ways to deceive a person, but if you actually plan on having a date then you need to find a picture that will highlight your most appealing assets. Of course it would be best to use a profile picture that reveals as much of you as possible, but certain angles can make or break the look that you are going for.

With the right lighting you can show of your personality and not give the impression that you are shaped oddly. After choosing a picture that catches the eye you can start on your interests and what you seek in your date. Keeping it direct and to the point will hold the interest of the person reading your profile. Venturing of into the direction of what you like to do on a day to day basis can lose your profile reader. The same goes for putting down what you like your potential date to have such as looks and passion. If you have a long list of don’ts then you may seem like the type of person who thinks too highly of themselves.

There are many partners that are out there that has a lot to offer. Get started the year 2012 with a fresh outlook with online dating. Don’t waste any more time being lonely; who knows maybe you will find the one for you. In fact, chances are if you search for a partner on online dating site long enough, you’ll have some degree of success.