Does smell play important factor in choosing a date

man-woman-odorIs it true that humans smell and pick their mate?

Recent studies conducted by European society for human genetics, suggests that humans do sniff around before they pick their mate. The report also adds that humans sniff on a subconscious level, without realizing that they actually do it.

It’s hard to figure out why they use their noses, to sleep around with someone. Perhaps, the whole issue is related to heredity, say scientists who conducted the research.

Why humans smell and pick their mate? Every living being has an innate desire to produce healthy offspring, which stems from the fact that they choose only those partners who they feel would make way for health children, free of any shortcomings.

Significantly, health off springs would also have a strong and competent immune system. A strong immune system is very vital in a human body to fight disease causing agents that kills thousands of individual’s everyday.

Now, how would humans decide that the chosen mate would make way for healthy offspring?

The humans have a genetic region known as major histocompatability complex (MHC) situated on chromosome 6, which determines the status of immune system. The MHC occupies a large space on chromosome 6, and it is arguably, very diverse.

The diversification of MHC’s in a couple is a necessary factor, which produces health offspring with proficient immune system.

Studies have earlier indicated that MHC’s has a strong relationship with human body whiff. Humans tend to pursue someone with a different MHC code, and they smell others to find someone with a different MHC code.

It’s very baffling, though, to understand this strange human behavior. Scientists had come out with their own version after a prolong research.

Humans are perhaps, created in this way, naturally, to find partners in different social groups, to restrict humans from marrying within a family, or identical social groups. The findings suggest that MHC codes of family members are similar, which explains the fact why humans find people from a different region, or a different social group more attractive.

Though, humans smell and pick their mates on a subconscious level, still they do it very effectively. The whole process of research may not be very conclusive, still the fact remains that humans do sniff to pick their mates.