Love Hurts When you are in a Bad Relationship

love_hurtIt is a fact that love can actually hurt when you are in a relationship that has run into problems. The good news is that it is possible to mend it just as quickly and dating experts feel that with the right advice any relationship going through troubled times can be brought back on track.
Trouble in a relationship is normally due to cheating by one of the partners or one of the partners just not getting the attention from the other partner. This can lead to a lot of stress and the couple can slowly drift apart leading to loss of confidence in the relationship itself. It has other spillover effects like the couple being unable to concentrate on their careers and having a good social life.
It has been found that when the relationship is under stress due to cheating by one of the partners, the stress resulting out of this will cause changes in the chemical composition within the body and lead to physical weakness and lowering of immunity, making them easily susceptible to diseases.
Relationships suffering due to physical or oral abuse by one of the partners have been found to impact the affected person both physically as well as psychologically. Some couples persist with the relationship despite these troubles as they find them selves trapped in that relationship.
If you are one of those stuck in such a relationship that is causing you a lot of heartburn and mental trauma, then it means that you are in denial mode and suffering unnecessarily. If you have made the attempt to get out of such a relationship by confronting your partner and are yet not able to break off due to fear or some apprehension, it means that you are possibly addicted and cannot do without such a troubled relationship.
Well the only way to get out a failed relationship is to first of all not get emotional and assess the situation rationally to see where improvements or adjustments can be made. However, if the relationship is crumbling due to abuse, then you need to seek immediate counseling or help from family and friends.