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Welcome to the Online Dating Site from Ozami Dating. We help local singles find compatible matches in their area. But if you prefer to expand your search for Mr or Miss right beyond your locality to state wide, we can still help you find a date.

Some online dating site users are happy to extend the search for their perfect dating match to other states of the US. We have such users covered. Our online dating search and profile matching tools cover every one of the fifty states in the USA.

One of the many things that sets Ozami Dating apart from other online dating sites in the US, is our unique approach to matchmaking. Ozami Dating makes finding love online very simple and easy. We have replaced the long, boring questionnaire other dating sites make you fill in with a short, quick profiling tool.

To get started with using the Ozami online dating platform to find the love of your life, take the first step by signing up free of charge now.

New to online dating? Here is how to get started

To start dating local singles today, we have compiled a list of useful online dating tips, that will help you maximise your chances of success when searching for a date online. In the first instance, you need to get at least two very good pictures of yourself, to use with your dating profile. With that to hand, complete the Ozami Dating profile. You don’t need to compose a long essay about yourself, your likes and dislikes. Simply follow the prompt from our online dating profile wizard, it will help you come up with the best dating profile.

When completing your online dating profile, be completely honest. The point of you being on Ozami Dating is to meet a potential date. If you exaggerate your height for example, when you meet a potential date in real life, they will notice that you are not as tall as you make out. This might jeopardize any chance of a second date.

Once a recent picture is uploaded to your dating profile, and the profile is completed, it’s time to start to connect with other singles! We suggest you use our introduction tool to introduce yourself. The tool contacts several singles, who match your profile to let them know you are new to Ozami Dating.

Most contacts that lead to a first date on Ozami Dating start with a chat. Let people know that you are available for a chat. When men or women who find your profile interesting know you are available for a chat, you are on you way to securing your first date. Chat and exchange messages with people you find interesting. Let your personality shine in your conversation.

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Ozami Dating is probably one of the safest online dating platform in the USA. We have some of the most proactive online dating security and protection system. We have dedicated online dating safety experts who checks and monitor every profile on our system, to ensure all our members are kept safe. As well as the human touch, we have maintained several advanced online dating protections, including anti-scam software. Click here to learn more about our online dating protection guarantee.